USoft features overview

The USoft platform is an open business rules engine with an Agile development environment. Combined with a business rules management system URequire (BPMN), USoft is leading in rule management and execution.

We believe in the power of rules

The USoft platform is a development environment for building software applications around a rules engine. Software behaviour is not expressed and implemented in terms of features and requirements, but rather in terms of business rules and business logic. This enables you to get quickly from concept to reality, test new ideas, and also change business conduct and software behaviour in parallel.

The low-code platform 

This platform is model-driven and allows you to generate code where-ever possible resulting in a low-code environment where applications are quickly ready to be tested and optimised for runtime performance. USoft is designed to integrate with existing architectures, processes, and systems, because it utilises rules-driven connectivity with coded components and system-to-system interfaces to the rules engine. This allows you to extend your organisations’ existing capabilities and to implement transformation faster and more easily.